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No Egg Cookie Dough Truffles


The name says it all ladies and gents.  No Egg Cookie Dough.  Oooohhh but the photo shows so much more.  Bite-sized dough filled with mini chocolate chips and topped with chocolate & sprinkles.  Nom! Nom! Nom! Egg-less means no threat of yucky-uckies if you sneak a little, or a lot, or make a Continue Reading...

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SuperMom Monday

12 Days of Christmas…SuperMom Style

12 days of christmas

It’s Christmas!  So let’s get honest here. I am not a blogger who get’s her home ready for Christmas just after the Halloween candy has been collected.  I don’t even decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.  So my 12 Days of Christmas post’s are always super tardy in the blogospheres timeline. That’s why I’m reviving Continue Reading…

My Christmas PJ Delima (+ lifesaver 25% off OshKosh coupon!)

DSCF7597 2

Ok so here’s the deal.  As kids growing up me & my 5 brothers and sisters always got to open just one present on Christmas Eve.  I’m not sure how old I was until I finally realized that one present  was always going to be PJ’s.  But I loved it.  And I do the same Continue Reading…

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PreppDay Wednesday

DIY Costume: the ‘Daryl Vest’


If you don’t know what the iconic ‘Daryl Vest’ is that’s ok.  The Walking Dead is not for everyone.  However we are a family of SuperFans at my home.  So it was no surprise when my 10 year old asked if he could be Daryl for Halloween.  Easy!  Just some dirty clothes, a toy cross-bow and Continue Reading…

PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop


Every Homesteading or Prepper: 101 book will tell you the same thing.  Get. A. Chicken Coop.  The eggs, the meat, the fertilizer…heck eggs will be like gold in a SHTF scenario.  I’m here to show you how I finally got my stuff together and made a PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop on the cheep.  I mean cheap. Continue Reading…

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DIY Friday

Easy DIY Melted Snowman Ornaments


For the month of December I am taking a part-time vaca to give myself a much needed break AND to give my kids much needed family time during this amazing season.  I’ll still be sharing some new fun projects, recipes and activities, just with a few post-throwbacks in the mix. Like this one.

FHE Ideas ~ Thanksgiving Tree


While this is a bit of a revival post, I am putting a heavier emphasis on what a great Family Home Evening lesson this could be!  I’ve decided to make this a new family tradition but this year I’m thinking of making a Thanksgiving Wreath (look for a post later this month…we still have to Continue Reading…

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Sunday Soup:

Twin Problems #163: Making Bathtime Safe & Fun


Bathing two fat babies is like cuteness-squared.  However bathing even one baby can feel more like a chore than a fun-bonding moment.  Throw another baby in the mix and being able to step back and just enjoy the moment becomes tricky.  Among all the fantastic memories I am making I’ve also learned a thing or Continue Reading…

Help Foster Kids with FREE Frosty’s!


I grew up different then most kids do.  I come from a way-above-average-sized family, 6 of us kids in total.  Besides that my oldest brother, and youngest sister, were both adopted as babies.  When I was in the 3rd grade my parents started doing Foster Care and we became an even bigger  family.  I learned Continue Reading…

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Taco Tuesday

No Egg Cookie Dough Truffles


The name says it all ladies and gents.  No Egg Cookie Dough.  Oooohhh but the photo shows so much more.  Bite-sized dough filled with mini chocolate chips and topped with chocolate & sprinkles.  Nom! Nom! Nom! Egg-less means no threat of yucky-uckies if you sneak a little, or a lot, or make a whole batch Continue Reading…

Homemade Cream Corn aka Perfect Holiday Side Dish

Homemade Cream Corn (aka Perfect Holiday Side Dish) made in the Slow Cooker (aka Crock Pot) on

Holiday meals are all about tradition.  Beit the rebel in me but I like to try out new recipes for the holidays.  Not too far out and crazy recipes, just spin-off’s of the same ‘ol same ‘ol (sorry Mom!).  Like this new Homemade Cream Corn that made the finals for my  “New Thanksgiving Side Dish Continue Reading…

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GreenThumb Thursday

How to Grow Basil Like a Boss

How to grow Basil Like a Boss on day2day SuperMom

Basil. Is. Awesome.  It’s my most favorite herb of all time.  I grew it last year for the first time but my plant was a terrible sad sight and looked nothing like the big bushy plants I’ve fawned over in BH&G.  So this year I decided to do something about it and I’m bringing you Continue Reading…

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More!

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More! on day2day SuperMom

You might of heard that succulents are impossible to kill but talk to any brown-thumber and they can probably tell you otherwise.  While succulents are rather forgiving they still come with special instructions.  So take a few minutes to learn a few tips and tricks to keep your succulents thriving, what to do if they Continue Reading…

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Sisterhood Saturday

Give the Gift of a Perfect Hair Day!


Last month I showed you this awesome new hair line called PhD, or Perfect Hair Day that I had the pleasure to sample.  To take a Perfect Hair Challenge  if will.  Well the challenge is over and there is a clear winner here.  My hair!  Come see the event  where I showed it off, and Continue Reading…

My Mom’s Results After 30 Days Using NeriumAD


Holy smokes is all I can say…because this is a kid-friendly blog and because my Mom is probably reading this right now.  Compare one particular spot in the photos and you’ll see what I mean.  The eyelid: lifted.  The crows feet: shortened.  The under-eye lines: smoothed.  See more incredible Nerium 30 day results photos next!

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Mason Jar Madness

High-Class Redneck Wine Glass


A high-class Redneck is not an oxymoron.  And I’ve proved it with these Redneck Wine Glasses.  3 styles to be exact.  You’ll notice the good ‘ol ‘Classic’ but I’ve bumped it up a rung with ‘The Cobalt’ and ‘The Bubbly.’  Ok maybe the names don’t help my cause but it’s worth a try ya’ll!  See Continue Reading…

Chalkboard Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift!

Chalk Board Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift on day2day SuperMom

School is almost out.  Raise your hand if you are excited!  Yep.  I totally just raised my hand too.  Now, if you haven’t figured out what to do for the end-of-the-year teacher gift raise your hand!  Until yesterday mine was up.  But I threw together a quick & easy (my 2 fav words) Chalkboard Mason Jar Continue Reading…

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