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He Walked a Mile in My Shoes (Free Printable)


I don't think anyone living today can say they can fully comprehend how Jesus bore the pain and suffering in Gethsemane through Calvary.  HOW?  It's unimaginable.  What I learned in studying for my lesson this week is what we really need to focus on isn't His death, and His pain, but WHY He went Continue Reading...

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SuperMom Monday

Find Your PERFECT Cleaning Routine 2 (Free Printables!!)


As if Part 1 of my cleaning routine printable wasn’t enough!!!  But seriously, I am always looking for a better way to clean.  Meaning quicker and less work.  I do have the option of getting rid of everyone who lives in my house…that way it stays clean.  But I think I’ll keep my messy monkeys Continue Reading…

Taking Family Game Night to a Whole.Other.Level.


Family Game Nights.  To parents they are a cheap form of entertainment done comfortably in your own home which may or may not be fun for them.  But to KIDS…family game night rocks!  The key to a successful game night is to find a game kids of all ages will enjoy, even us old and Continue Reading…

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PreppDay Wednesday

DIY Costume: the ‘Daryl Vest’


If you don’t know what the iconic ‘Daryl Vest’ is that’s ok.  The Walking Dead is not for everyone.  However we are a family of SuperFans at my home.  So it was no surprise when my 10 year old asked if he could be Daryl for Halloween.  Easy!  Just some dirty clothes, a toy cross-bow and Continue Reading…

PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop


Every Homesteading or Prepper: 101 book will tell you the same thing.  Get. A. Chicken Coop.  The eggs, the meat, the fertilizer…heck eggs will be like gold in a SHTF scenario.  I’m here to show you how I finally got my stuff together and made a PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop on the cheep.  I mean cheap. Continue Reading…

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DIY Friday



Valentine’s Day is pretty much a girl holiday, am I wrong?  So this year I skipped the red & turquoise aka gender-neutral color scheme and went for a pinky sweet Valentine mantle with a cute little social media twist.  ‘Cause I <3 Valentine’s Day!

Easy DIY Melted Snowman Ornaments


For the month of December I am taking a part-time vaca to give myself a much needed break AND to give my kids much needed family time during this amazing season.  I’ll still be sharing some new fun projects, recipes and activities, just with a few post-throwbacks in the mix. Like this one.

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Sunday Soup:

He Walked a Mile in My Shoes (Free Printable)


I don’t think anyone living today can say they can fully comprehend how Jesus bore the pain and suffering in Gethsemane through Calvary.  HOW?  It’s unimaginable.  What I learned in studying for my lesson this week is what we really need to focus on isn’t His death, and His pain, but WHY He went through that. Continue Reading…

Fear has TWO Meanings… Free Printables!


Oh my.  Did I have a tough lesson this week or what?!!  It was tough for me anyway.  “Living Joyfully In Troubled Times.”   I know that some people handle trials in their lives with a Queen’s Grace…but not me.  I’m probably the exact opposite.

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Taco Tuesday

Crab Feed Ideas, Recipes, Decorations & More!


If you love a good Crab Feed then you’ve found the right place!  I have a live one for ya full of crab feed ideas for eating in or out.  This year I’m picking a ‘new’ post to re-post each month.  It might be a favorite post of mine or one that didn’t get the Continue Reading…

No Egg Cookie Dough Truffles


The name says it all ladies and gents.  No Egg Cookie Dough.  Oooohhh but the photo shows so much more.  Bite-sized dough filled with mini chocolate chips and topped with chocolate & sprinkles.  Nom! Nom! Nom! Egg-less means no threat of yucky-uckies if you sneak a little, or a lot, or make a whole batch Continue Reading…

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GreenThumb Thursday

How to Grow Basil Like a Boss

How to grow Basil Like a Boss on day2day SuperMom

Basil. Is. Awesome.  It’s my most favorite herb of all time.  I grew it last year for the first time but my plant was a terrible sad sight and looked nothing like the big bushy plants I’ve fawned over in BH&G.  So this year I decided to do something about it and I’m bringing you Continue Reading…

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More!

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More! on day2day SuperMom

You might of heard that succulents are impossible to kill but talk to any brown-thumber and they can probably tell you otherwise.  While succulents are rather forgiving they still come with special instructions.  So take a few minutes to learn a few tips and tricks to keep your succulents thriving, what to do if they Continue Reading…

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Sisterhood Saturday

My Doctor Lives in My Phone

[Image 1] Pediatric Video Visit 1

SuperMom Code insists I tell you about a cool new power I’ve discovered!  Seriously.  It added time (TIME!) to my day with the bonus effect of a sense of calm and stress-relief.  WHAT?!? It’s called Doctor on Demand and it’s the ability to trap a doctor into your phone.  Or tablet.  Or PC.  And call Continue Reading…

Give the Gift of a Perfect Hair Day!


Last month I showed you this awesome new hair line called PhD, or Perfect Hair Day that I had the pleasure to sample.  To take a Perfect Hair Challenge  if will.  Well the challenge is over and there is a clear winner here.  My hair!  Come see the event  where I showed it off, and Continue Reading…

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Mason Jar Madness

High-Class Redneck Wine Glass


A high-class Redneck is not an oxymoron.  And I’ve proved it with these Redneck Wine Glasses.  3 styles to be exact.  You’ll notice the good ‘ol ‘Classic’ but I’ve bumped it up a rung with ‘The Cobalt’ and ‘The Bubbly.’  Ok maybe the names don’t help my cause but it’s worth a try ya’ll!  See Continue Reading…

Chalkboard Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift!

Chalk Board Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift on day2day SuperMom

School is almost out.  Raise your hand if you are excited!  Yep.  I totally just raised my hand too.  Now, if you haven’t figured out what to do for the end-of-the-year teacher gift raise your hand!  Until yesterday mine was up.  But I threw together a quick & easy (my 2 fav words) Chalkboard Mason Jar Continue Reading…

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