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Peanut Butter, Photos & $1 Grand. Oh My!

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Part of the definition of being a 'SuperMom' is that you are always busy, juggling numerous things at once, and making memories with your kids even before anyone else in the house is awake!  That might be a little extreme, but not really.  Jif understands exactly what I'm talking about and invented Continue Reading...

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SuperMom Monday

Bedwetters Can Now Say YES to GoodNites® Sleepovers! *plus Giveaway*


I have a 10 year old son who just in this last year stopped wetting the bed (crossing fingers).  It was so frustrating to deal with, for both of us.  As a sweet 4 year old he went through a bit of a traumatic time and I often worried that was why he continued to Continue Reading…

How to Keep Summer Going ~ 12 SuperMom Tricks

How to Keep Summer Going with 12 activities, recipes and projects! See it all on

As we speak I am packed into my van with SuperDad and all 7 kiddos with a 9 hour drive ahead of me.  Disneyland?  Alaskan cruise?  Beach house?  Nope.  My hubbies 20 year high school reunion.  So in honor of him I’m posting an ode to the past, a Throwback Thursday if you will, with Continue Reading…

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PreppDay Wednesday

PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop


Every Homesteading or Prepper: 101 book will tell you the same thing.  Get. A. Chicken Coop.  The eggs, the meat, the fertilizer…heck eggs will be like gold in a SHTF scenario.  I’m here to show you how I finally got my stuff together and made a PlaySkool Playhouse Chicken Coop on the cheep.  I mean cheap. Continue Reading…

The Easy Prepper’s Storage List: Tin Foil

The Easy Prepper's Storage List: Tin Foil on day2day SuperMom

In no means am I a pro-prepper.  But I do work on being prepared by growing a garden and raising chickens, by storing food, water and other useful items.  Today I’m bringing you a useful round-up of why you should add tin foil to your Easy Prepper’s Storage List and what to do with it. 

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DIY Friday

Mossy Washi Tape


Fall is officially upon us.  Hot summer days are now a thing of the past.  I don’t know about you but I am ready for some cooler weather and have even enjoyed the sweet smell of rain that we had here in Southern Oregon these past couple days.  So it’s time to pack up all Continue Reading…

Upcycle a PlaySkool Playhouse with Paint


Fall has fallen quickly upon us.  Which for me also means a big de-clutter of all the accumulation of toys and junk that have found themselves outside.  I’m usually the bad guy who gets to assess what half-broken toys get to stay for one more year or finally get tossed into the dump pile.  Can Continue Reading…

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Sunday Soup:

Peanut Butter, Photos & $1 Grand. Oh My!

jif title

Part of the definition of being a ‘SuperMom’ is that you are always busy, juggling numerous things at once, and making memories with your kids even before anyone else in the house is awake!  That might be a little extreme, but not really.  Jif understands exactly what I’m talking about and invented their new Jif Continue Reading…

Football = Family, Fun, Food & Florida OJ

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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Florida Department of Citrus. I received promotional item to thank me for participating. We are nothing less than SuperFans when it comes to football in my house.  As a matter of fact as soon as a little chill starts showing up in Continue Reading…

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Taco Tuesday

Pretty in Pink Pasta


Earlier this year I found an amazing heirloom at a plant sale.  A pink tomato!  Of course I had to buy it.  I mean it’s pink, wouldn’t you?  Of course my little ladies were just as impressed as I was and couldn’t wait to see our princess plant grow.  She gave us a bounty of Continue Reading…

Creamy Tuna Dip ~ An Easy On-The-Go Meal


Today is the day.  My kiddos finally go back-to-school.  Although the days of sleeping in for me are over, the days of having a clean home for more than 10 minutes are here.  Finally.  But as I embark of the long days of 7th grade football practice I’ve learned of yet another new skill I need to master. Continue Reading…

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GreenThumb Thursday

How to Grow Basil Like a Boss

How to grow Basil Like a Boss on day2day SuperMom

Basil. Is. Awesome.  It’s my most favorite herb of all time.  I grew it last year for the first time but my plant was a terrible sad sight and looked nothing like the big bushy plants I’ve fawned over in BH&G.  So this year I decided to do something about it and I’m bringing you Continue Reading…

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More!

Succulents 101: Growing, Propagating, Projects & More! on day2day SuperMom

You might of heard that succulents are impossible to kill but talk to any brown-thumber and they can probably tell you otherwise.  While succulents are rather forgiving they still come with special instructions.  So take a few minutes to learn a few tips and tricks to keep your succulents thriving, what to do if they Continue Reading…

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Sisterhood Saturday

How to Have a Perfect Hair Day


Happy Sisterhood Saturday ladies!  The past couple weeks we’ve talked about feeling better through healthy weight loss, improving our self-esteem by improving our skin and now we’re talking about every girls dream…having a perfect hair day.  Not a hat day, or a ponytail day, but a drop-dead-gorgeous, I’m-too-sexy-for-my-hair day.  I bring you Perfect Hair Day Continue Reading…

My PiYo 30 Day Results

Last time I left you I declared my no-more-excuses dedication to losing the last of my twin baby weight once and for all.  I choose PiYo as my exercise route and I’m so glad I did.  I love it!  If you are unfamiliar PiYo is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga but you are constatnly Continue Reading…

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Mason Jar Madness

High-Class Redneck Wine Glass


A high-class Redneck is not an oxymoron.  And I’ve proved it with these Redneck Wine Glasses.  3 styles to be exact.  You’ll notice the good ‘ol ‘Classic’ but I’ve bumped it up a rung with ‘The Cobalt’ and ‘The Bubbly.’  Ok maybe the names don’t help my cause but it’s worth a try ya’ll!  See Continue Reading…

Chalkboard Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift!

Chalk Board Mason Jar ~ Easy Teacher Gift on day2day SuperMom

School is almost out.  Raise your hand if you are excited!  Yep.  I totally just raised my hand too.  Now, if you haven’t figured out what to do for the end-of-the-year teacher gift raise your hand!  Until yesterday mine was up.  But I threw together a quick & easy (my 2 fav words) Chalkboard Mason Jar Continue Reading…

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