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DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday

DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
It's finally here.  Da dada dahhhh...(enter echo) PLAYROOM WEEK!!!  I swear this room is in my Top 3 Reasons as to why I decided to take the 91 Day DeClutter Challenge to begin with.  And I think my kiddo's were actually glad this week finally came too.  Only because I've been warning them for the last 11 weeks "Just wait 'till Playroom Week!  Better take care of it now or you're gunna come home from school and all this stuff will be gone!  Muahahahahaha!!!" (said in my most villianess anti-SuperMom voice).  Well the threats are done ladies, and it worked!

De-Clutter your home in 91 days with this plan
Mary Organizes Week 11
Before we get to the nitty-gritty details, daily task's and my always embarrassing confessional photos let me quickly explain the layout of my home.  You see the Playroom, which is really supposed to be the formal Living Room, sits smack dab in the middle of my open-layout home.  It shares space with our Dining Room where we have our family meals.  On one side sits the Great Room with our Family Room and eat-in Kitchen.  To get to the opposite end of the house where all the Bedrooms and Guest Bathroom are you have to walk through this room.  In other words the Playroom mess is always in your face.  Plus we have a double sided fireplace in between this room and our Family Room so I can literally look through the fireplace and see the toys scattered about.
Let's get to it.

DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
The first task is sorting all the toys into groups as well as type and function.  This was already done for me by the kiddo's which scored them a few points and gave me a little more patience.  I went through all the groups and started a 'toss' bag and a 'donate' bag.  I quickly went through them tossing anything broken and getting rid of old toys and stuff they don't use or won't miss.  This was pretty fun.  If you are wondering about the Bucket 'O Dogs, my 5 year old is a dog fanatic.  She's blown out the knees in more pants then her two brothers ever did combined crawling around being a dog.  Now the 2 year old is her "little puppy" blowin' out her fair share of knees.

DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
Instead of putting the toys on the floor I piled them on top of the air hockey table.  I felt I had more control that way knowing I would be going back and forth throughout the day working on this job.  I also decided to rearrange the room which gave the kiddo's ton's more space.  I moved their kitchen in a little nook and put the dog bucket under the end of the air hockey table.  I know the bucket still looks full but we did give 5 doggies up for adoption.  I also managed to clear out and organize 4 bins of toys.  Before you think I didn't get rid of much you might remember during the Girls Bedroom week this picture I showed of toys donated right before I started the Challenge.   

DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
Luckily I hadn't taken the bags in yet so I was able to take this picture.  4 bags worth of toys were already removed (head hanging in shame) before the official Playroom DeCluttering began.  So that's 5 garbage bags FULL of toys.  5 BAGS FULL.  No wonder those poor kiddo's couldn't keep this room clean. 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Repeat Process Wherever Kids Toys are Stored

Almost all my kiddo's toys are in the Playroom to keep their own bedrooms a place to relax and sleep.  Their rooms were decluttered in Weeks 2 and 3.  Knowing this I actually took my time in the Playroom and had the girls help me after school.  I also put together a new shelf my Mom got me after seeing what I said at the end of my Week 10 post that totally terrified her.  She dropped it off and said she bought it because I was "going to throw all my grand kid's toys away!!"  This shelf really did help me organize the toys.  My Mom is the original SuperMom after all and now she just loves being SuperGrandmaDeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
All the toys that the bigger girls don't necessarily like their 2 year old baby sis playing with when they aren't home I was able to place up high on the shelf inaccessible to her.  But she now has 2 bottom shelves to keep her own toys on!  Did anyone happen to notice the toy bins are covered with the same fabric as my curtains (which were also the table runners at my wedding)?  Stay tuned for my fun and easy tutorial this DIY Friday.
No-Sew Covered Boxes Tutorial HERE
Donate Donations and Relocate Any Misplaced Items

You ready for my most favorite before and after pictures from the Challenge so far?
DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
Wait for it....wait for it....
DeClutter Confessions Week 11 ~ Playroom ~ SuperMom Monday
I knew I would feel good when this room was decluttered but I wasn't expecting such a feeling of peace.  I probably walk through this room 50 times a day, easy.  I now find myself smiling instead of cringing.  My kiddo's just love it too.  Even the 2 year old enjoys clean up time.  I'm sure she used to feel completely overwhelmed.  Mary is exactly right when she said "Every mind, especially a little one, functions better with a clean canvas to play on."

Next week we'll be decluttering Bathrooms.  I'm excited to show you a few fun and popular Pinterest projects I decorated our Guest Bathroom with:  Chalkboards made from silver platters, Glass Apothecary Canisters repurposed from peanut butter jars and how to make your own organizer for towels & toothbrushes, or fresh flowers (for when it's actually used as a Guest Bathroom).

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